Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Fun Facts of 20.14

Did you know…
Sharks can’t swim backwards.

Did you know…
A baby Puffin is called a Puffling.

Did you know…
Dolphins have, amazingly, worked out how to squeeze a puffa fish just enough to get them ‘high’.  They then proceed to pass it round their mates.  #goodtimes

Did you know…
Otters hold hands with each other when they sleep so not to float away from one and other.

Did you know…
A group of Puffins is called a Puffin Club.

Did you know…
Male Penguins spend years looking for the perfect stone to propose to there partner with.

Did you know…
Otters were born with a pouch specifically designed to keep there favourite stones in.

Spring Summer 2014: Blue is the new hue.


Nostalgia; reminiscent of my seven year old nimble fingered self.  Hands delving into grandma’s horribly historic array of sapphire shadows and periwinkle pencils.  Refrain, however, from allowing those retro recollections from re-surfacing and brave the new blue.  Simple. Modern. Graphic. 

At Marc Jacobs
A cobalt blue waterline, with feline definition. Forget the outer corner, its all about the inner.

At David Koma
A graphic take. Angular, blocked, sapphire, juxtaposing Mr Jacobs’ himself.

At Emilio de la Morena
Super modern. Super cool.  DUPE IT!

At Zoe Jordan
Soft, inner corner highlight in a cool icy blue.

Brows unkempt and untamed.  Lashings of mascara & sheer, glowing skin.  You will never think of a blue eye the same way again.

Keep it fresh. 

Vogue Beauty - Here